I am afraid, that’s right,

afraid of getting tangled in the barbwire of a dream

afraid of your arms shaped like golden bars.

Remember what other winters meant to you:

the sea,

ships arriving without a single casualty,

the wind,

remember the wind, softening the corners.

the bitterness


the white corals

in your eyes

the scintillating blows

to your temples

the wave that erases the sparkle

in your pupils

the tapestry of rotting flowers

the delicate aroma

of your armpits

the equestrian turtle

of your fingers

sailing across my skin


Sergio Ortiz

Sergio A. Ortiz is an educator, poet, photographer, and painter living in San Juan Puerto Rico. He is a four-time nominee for the 2010-2011 Sundress Best of the Web Anthology, and a two-time 2010 Pushcart nominee. His collections of Tanka, For the Men to Come (2014), and From Life to Life (2014) were released by Amazon and Createspace as well as his full print collection of poems: At the Tail End of Dusk (2014). His collection of poems in Spanish, A La Orilla Lenta De Un Ocaso, was also released by Amazon and Createspace (2014).


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