all the stars are falling

(leonids – 1833)


the night they said pickles

glowed in their jars,

silver cutlery shivered blue,

while outside the cock

crowed, bleary eyed

and the corralled horses

ran and ran in circles.

the sky was alight, heavens afire,

the land filled with un-natural morning.

preachers and unbelievers alike,

their hair undone, staggered

from their beds, fell to their knees,

bibles clutched to their chests

in the certainty of the end of days.

there were those who would

not look, who feared trickery

or god’s angry vengeance, who

bolted doors, shuttered shutters,

shackled their slaves, ordered

women and children to back rooms,

oiled their guns and sat in darkness.

then there were those others,

whose children scattered squealing,

returned to swear they had seen

the place a star had fallen

while their parents stood

at their doors, hand in hand,

eyes raised, star-filled,

to the wonderful sky.


Morgan Downie

Morgan Downie writes short stories and poetry and is a visual artist. He is also a cyclist and a botanical and invertebrate recorder. He likes looking up at the stars but does so with more enthusiasm than skill. His published work includes stone and sea and  distances, a Romanian- English photopoetry collection. http://morgandownie.com/


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