The Dream of Stars

With the pale blue streaked skies of twilight upon my eye

I stare beyond the realm of human life and sigh.

The shimmering half moon dominates the tiny twinkling specks in the diamond dusted sky.

Vast and beaming, the boundless heavens dazzle imagination where all futures lie.

There, free to soar and roam with my will alone I could fly.

Oh if mortal coils and ravages of time might be never nigh!

Alas, anchored and weighted to a fleeting momentary globe I am someday soon condemned to die.


I Am A Titan

I am a titan

I am a dream maker

Where I go, victory follows

Destiny bends to my will

I am indomitable and indestructible

I am a titan

Doug Clark

Doug Clark is a writer, an editor, and a sometimes artist. Also a blogger, a novelist, a short story writer, and a poet. After going to college, traveling the world thanks to the navy and being a single parent, he learned to appreciate life and what it has to offer. He says he is not perfect; as he makes mistakes, but he’s always trying to improve on the person he was yesterday.


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