Little Ms. Sunshine:


I remember the day when my world became smal:l

he opened his laptop to reveal his background picture

purple sky

sea salt stars

soft serve swirls

i said “it’s beautiful. Who painted it?”

he replied

“It’s not a painting at all.

It’s a photograph taken from the edge of the milky way

those three swirls are galaxies

and the bright white lights

are planets we haven’t found names for yet.”

There are so many things bigger than i am

and everything just keeps expanding

like a big bangs prophecy

we begin as nothing but a spark

and keep growing

until our bodies can’t contain our potential.

It’s simple

as connecting the dots in the sky

or the freckles on your forearm

do you see the connection?

In Egyptian mythology the goddess Nut is depicted as a naked blue woman covered in constellations

and as a child i got lots in the hours i spent walking ants crawling on the sidewalk


but to them life itself is a fact;

a vocation.

Little Miss Sunshine

do you know the history of the moon?

Do you understand what happens when asteroid leave behind scars she can’t hide?

Her face is not ceramic

but a damaged relic of her past

(this doesn’t make her any less beautiful)

and instinct isn’t just what we feel but what we have to do

and sometimes I want  to scream for each and every time i’ve been told to be silent

and other times I just want a baby

so I can give birth to a universe and

watch it expand.

I want to pretend I am bigger than this

but it’s just as likely that i am just a freckle

on someone else’s hand.

Don’t place yourself at the center

as if everyone can revolve around your experience

when we are molecules

made up of molecules.

Small sparks

born to blaze

if only we knew where we were going.

Instead we keep moving

letting the comet tails take us where they may

make believing that we have some sort of control over our destinies

but here we are

lonely stars

trying to light our own way.

I am flickering

when I burn out

what answers will you give to me?

Don’t tell me it’s easy

to destroy meteors when you haven’t seen the one that ricochet inside me.

Don’t tell me how to shine

There is no day without night.

No ending without a beginning.

No big bang

without the silence that precedes it.

The small inhaled whisper

before I scream.


we are all exactly where we need to be.

Maybe our experiences are shaping us.

Our pain

something to express

instead of swallow.


they want to call you positivity

but even staring at the sun

long enough will blind you eventually.

Life isn’t ours to control

but to experience

each and every moment.

From pinprick to pelvic split

we are growing

we are expanding

we are stars

we are science

not art projects.

We are small specks speaking.

Strength and weakness interwoven

into a thread

in a fabric square

in a quilt pattern so much larger than we’ll ever know.

So the next time you are faced with moments that break you

know that it is those moments that shape you.

Take your place in the sky

become a constellation.


burn out

and become a flickering spark

for someone else

to make a wish upon.

Melissa Rose

Melissa has been a member of the spoken word community since 2001 and has been facilitating spoken word workshops with adults and teens for over 10 years. She has performed her poetry all over the United States and Germany and was a featured poet at the German National Poetry Slam in 2010. She is currently the Executive Director of S.I.R.E.N.; a non profit program that empowers teen girls through spoken word.


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